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When the first AFL was introduced, it was in the year of 1996, no one ever expected that this was the beginning of a highly successful product line. The AFL grow from an “insidertip” between crucial music lovers to one of the leading product lines for AC filtering. The outstanding good ratio among the effectiveness, the long term quality and the price has never been changed.

The filter technique has been improved and refined. Only so we found a practical solution for multiple filters in one power bar. Our aim, to provide always the best filter for the various demands could be fulfilled. An AC filter with an excellent damping behaviour and almost no internal resistance had to be created in house, because all AC filters, available off the shelf, were simply not good enough. The often mentioned fear about loss in dynamics can be shifted into the past. We provide our power bars with filters especially build for audio use. The AFL´s are available with two, six or eight sockets.

Why use an audio filter bar?
In the ideal case, the voltage of our AC power should be at 230 or 115 volt depend on the country, the AC should swing at the given frequency; in most cases it should be 50 Hertz. Unfortunately this never happens in the real world. The quality of the AC power is worse than ever and it continues to degrade permanently. The AC power is superheterodyne with many kinds of high frequency signals, which disturb and deform the sine wave of the AC power supply. These are all unwanted sound disturbing signals and should be kept away from any AC powered audio component. If you want to listen to the true quality of any high performance component, a clean and undisturbant AC power supply is an essential. The interferencing signals find their path easily, until there mix with the audio signal and degrade it. The result is a sound corruption. You will note this by a hard and grainy sound at the top end. Even the bass will suffer, it looses contour und becomes muddier. In general, the music won’t sound relaxed and smooth. It can’t be cured with a normal power bar; the AC power has to be cleaned. If these disturbances occur sometimes more heavily than on other times, or change from day to day, then you can be sure that your Hifi components suffer by RF interference.

Our AFL AC power bars are built in a wide range of variety to meet exactly your need. The outlets can be without any filters; this is for components with a build in AC filter. It can be filtered for analogue components, or the filtering can be tailored for digital audio or video use. Virtually all occurring combinations can be set up within a single power bar. Any possible interactions between the various filter groups are surely suppressed by an additional decoupling.

Any desired combination of filter groups or non filtered straight outlets are possible to make, especially the combination with straight outlets gives you the possibility to plug components with build in filters into the same power bar. Otherwise these already filtered components could be double filtered with negative results.

Our experiments, measurements and listening tests showed that every group of components requires their specific and individual filtering. A power amplifier requires a filter, which is capable to deliver any amount of current; it should react like a piece of short but thick wire. Even the best transformer and electrolytic capacitors can’t block out any RF frequency, it has to be filtered out. The requirements for that filter are not the least corner frequency but the least resistance. This is archived by an optimised filter characteristic and using large wire diameters. These filters could not be found in a catalogue, the filter had to be developed by ourselves.

Digital audio and video components demand other filter techniques; these devices need a good protection against each other to prevent any reactive effect into the AC power supply, great care has to be taken to block these components against each other. Both, digital audio and video have their own, but different, interference spectrum, what has to be taken into account as well.

As you see from these considerations, all needed requirements cannot be tackled with a single off the shelf filter. Here you need the correct adaptation for your requirement, as you will find in the AFL power bar. Many other solutions, build around a single filter do not achieve the flexibility and quality you find here. By using the AFL power bar, all your Hifi and video components are protected against any loss caused by RF interferences. As an additional security for your valuable Hifi components is the build in surge and spike protection.

The outstanding overall performance of the AFL, housed in a perfectly build all metal case, with its well balanced filters; has been proofed by leading German Hifi magazines, over and over again.

HiFi & records 3/1999

“…the “Fisch´s” brought still a tic more accuracy and a little deeper sufficing bass. The timing and the feeling for fine details were remarkable, in the same way as an excellent detailed dynamics”.

Stereo 3/2001

“Particularly the RF damping at the Fisch power bar showed to be excellent.” “The most rigid build Fisch power bar granted clearly more colours and smoothness into the music. The three dimensionality increased and the top end lost all sharpness, particularly at the digital outlets. It is absolutely recommended to use the corresponding “performance” power cord”.


Technical details
Electrical data:

Overvoltage protection:

Power filter:

Rated voltage:
Max. current:
Max. power:

Peak pulse protection (8/20µS):
Peak pulse current (Isn8/20µS):
Response time:

Stop band attenuation (>100kHz)


Power cord
Power cord standard length:



220 - 240 V~/50-60 Hz
16A (10A - IEC320/C14)
3500W (total of all outlets)



Natural or black anodised
(add. charge for black anodised)

3 x 2.5 mm² stranded wire, braided shield
1.5 m (all length above 1.0 meter can be
made to order)
IEC-version with IEC320/C14 connector available

from 2 kg

2, 4, 6 or 8

(l x w x h in mm)
290 x 103 x 58
420 x 103 x 58
550 x 103 x 58
610 x 103 x 58
Outlets for standard power bar:
2 outlets analog
4 outlets analog
6 outlets analog
8 outlets analog

All AFL power bars can be customized for individual requirements. Any number of outlets can be supplied with additional filters for digital use.
In certain cases it can be desirable to work without any filtering. In that cases we are able to provide "direkt" outlets.

Order examples:



2 outlets
1x analog, 1x digital

4 outlets
2x analog, 2x digital

6 outlets
4x analog, 2x digital

8 outlets
1x direkt, 3x analog, 4x digital

For customer request are all different kombinations deliverable.

All AFL power bars are available to three different national standards:
1) German power plug (Schutzkontakt CEE 7/4) - 2) SEV - Switzerland 3) France/Belgium 4) NEMA - USA, Canada, Asia
For other national standards please contact us.

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